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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your photography style?
I am a very detail-oriented and perfectionist artist. I began my career in photography by working in the fashion industry, hence many of my images lend themselves to being highly artistic and edgy. In your pictures you will notice a high dynamic range and vibrant colors, the details will be intensely apparent.


How would you describe your working style?

I don't like defining the way I work with a specific style. Yes, I love getting candid images, and taking charge when I need straightforward posing portraits. But while I'm shooting, I'd rather connect with my clients and go with how they are feeling. In other words, my style it will depend on your style.

How many photographers do you shoot with?

The basic package includes 1 photographer, but I strongly recommend that you upgrade your package and have a 2nd shooter. It's really important and necessary to have better coverage on your special day. Especially if you're getting ready in different locations or rooms.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, I do.

Do you have backup equipment?

Of course! Having backup equipment is a necessity.

Which type of camera do you use?

I shoot with full-frame Sony mirrorless cameras.

How do we reserve you for an event?

To secure the services, a 50% deposit and signed contract will be required.


How far in advance should we book it?

That will depend on the month and day of your wedding. But usually, 10-12 months in advance would be the ideal time frame to book your event if it's a wedding. For an engagement 2-4 months should be enough time.


What do we get on our wedding package?

All packages include an online gallery with downloadable JPG images in high resolution ready for print.

Can we skip the engagement session and just do the wedding with you?

You're welcome to skip the engagement session if you wish, but I strongly encourage that this session is not skipped since it's always very important to work together before the wedding. That way we both learn from each other and know how to be more productive on your big day.


Can we reschedule our engagement date?
Yes, although, rescheduling will depend on availability.  


How many weddings do you shoot a weekend?

In high season we shoot 2-3 per weekend, so we get booked pretty quickly. I recommend booking us as soon as possible.

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How do you handle shooting permits during engagement shootings?

Some private parks and landmarks require permits to shoot there. Clients will be responsible for acquiring these permits beforehand.

Do we have to feed you?

To provide you an excellent service on your big day, photographers need to have the necessary energy to be on top of everything. We'd appreciate it if a hot meal is provided during dinner time. If the venue does not provide us with meals, photographers will have to take a break of 30 minutes to find a restaurant nearby the venue, and we won't be responsible for any missing parts of the reception.

What happens if you get sick and can't do my wedding?

Fortunately, I eat and sleep well before weddings. But in case any serious illness, emergency, or indisposition occurs on the day of your wedding, I know plenty of reliable, and talented photographers who can take care of your special day. In the case that no one is available on the day, you will get a full refund.

Do we get any photo proofs?

The amount of proofs will depend on how many photographers you hire, and the hours we shoot. High-resolution proofs will be sent to you on a link, downloadable, and ready for print.

Who will be editing my pictures?
While many other companies send their work overseas and/or use AI solutions to select the best shots and edit them to save a few bucks, I rather edit and retouch my work. That way I have control over the quality of the final product, and the consistency of the story and style of your wedding. And, of course, keeping your files private.


When we will be getting our pictures?

For the best results on the quality of your edits, my turnaround is approx. 2-4 weeks for weddings. 1-2 weeks for engagements.

Do you give RAW unprocessed images?

Unfortunately, I don't. You wouldn't expect any artist to give up his unfinished painting to his clients for them to finish it, would you? ;)

I want my pictures private. Can you hide them from social media?

My clientele is based on our social media and I might use a few selections and highlights of your day to share with the world. If you still don't want to share those, you can always request to not have them posted anywhere. To me, there's nothing more important than respecting your privacy.


Will you scout our venue before our wedding?

I've worked and know pretty well most of New Jersey venues, I always do some online research on new venues that I've never worked at before. If it's a (1) location wedding and if time permits I go the day of the wedding a little bit earlier and look for the best options within the venue we can use to shoot. If you'd like to use a specific part of the venue to shoot, you can always request it before the wedding, and I'll do my best to accommodate it depending on the weather, lighting, and time available in your day.


Will you meet us before the day of our wedding?

Yes, on our engagement session. If you don't have an engagement session, and if time and availability permit we can always have a meet and greet over Zoom or Google Meet.


Will you help us plan our wedding day?

We will have a call and go over our itinerary before the wedding and cover everything you need to know regarding the photography department. About the planning, I can give you personal advice and tips about planning your wedding day from experience, but I don't do wedding planning services and it is recommended that you rely on a hired wedding planner to get everything covered from A-Z.


Do you do destination weddings?
Yes, please! I love traveling and having beautiful experiences with different cultures. Please let me know where are you planning to have your celebration, and I will be there. In addition to your selected package, flights, lodging, and car rentals must be covered.

Do you charge a travel fee?

A travel fee might apply to locations over 60 miles from Phillipsburg, NJ. Further distances for States outside New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania may require you to cover lodging as well.

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Will you get along with my videographer?

I've worked in the industry as a cinematographer for over 5 years as well, so I respect all work and understand the time and space they require to get their shots. I'd rather work as a team than as an individual. That way we both get our shots and get better results for our clients.

Can you re-create this shot I found on Instagram/Pinterest?


Every couple's story is different and thus the image should align with the uniqueness of their story. Every photographer has their style, and it can be disrespectful and/or really hard to replicate another artist's work. However, I have the desire to accommodate your ideas with recommendations of taking striking images depending on the location, lighting situation, and weather. At the end of the day, it's about making you happy.

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